New and improved view. No longer facing the parking lot AND can know exactly when the cupcake truck is here. Happy Fall Semester!
Wed, 4th Sep — 1 note
Too much snow!!
Mon, 11th Feb — 3 notes
When classes are canceled…
Mon, 11th Feb — 4 notes
Sun, 27th Jan — 5 notes
Happy spring semester!
Wed, 16th Jan — 1 note
Heavy footsteps to my study lair. Can finals be over already? 
Fri, 14th Dec — 3 notes
Winter formal at the Graduate Club
Sun, 9th Dec — 0 notes
Holiday card making for Yale New Haven-Hospital patients!
Fri, 7th Dec — 0 notes
All you can eat sushi? Yes please. Sushi Mizu
Wed, 5th Dec — 13 notes
Pleasant surprise at Sterling Library
Mon, 3rd Dec — 6 notes